Five Non-Gummie Edible Brands to Watch in 2021

May 26, 2021

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As the US edibles market has grown in sales and maturity, we all have acknowledged gummies rising to the top as the clear leader. In the first quarter of 2021, gummies accounted for 82% of candy dollar sales and over 43% of total edible dollar sales in states covered by BDSA’s granular product level Retail Sales Tracking. Further, gummie brands made up 5 of the top 5 edible brands in Q1 2021 (we see you and promise you will always have our attention: Wyld, Wana, Kiva, GTI’s Incredibles, and Sunderstorm). While gummie-focused brands are expected to maintain their commanding position in the edible space, the team at BDSA wanted to take this opportunity to highlight five exciting non-gummie brands to keep an eye on in 2021.

A bit about the scientific methodology: 1) we crowdsourced (not joking) the BDSA data management, analytics, and commercial development team for recommendations on who deserves the “shout-out” for doing something big and unique, 2) we confirmed the list quantitatively with the granular BDSA brand and product level retail sales tracking by state. And, if you haven’t been keeping up, BDSA now has granular retail sales tracking coverage of AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MA, MD, MI, NV, OR, and soon PA.

Grön: #1 ranked brand for non-gummie edibles in Oregon.

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While Grön does offer gummie edibles in their product line-up, the brands artisan chocolate products have seen especially strong sales, making up almost 32% of Oregon chocolate dollar sales in Q1 2021. After being a leading edible brand in Oregon for years, Grön has expanded to the Nevada and Arizona markets. The brand has seen 17% growth over the last year across BDSA-tracked markets, and is ranked in the top 30 across all markets for non-gummie edible brands. Grön has also launched a new chocolate product called Pips, bite size candy-coated chocolates aimed at addressing the growing micro-dosing market.

BDSA Team Member Submission: Gron is a great brand that started in OR and is reaching other states. Their packaging and variety of edibles has been on point the past 4 years.

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Baked Bros: #4 ranked brand for non-gummie edibles in Arizona. 

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Widely known in the Arizona market for their gummie edibles, Baked Bros has also become the leading producer of infused syrups in Arizona. While syrups make up just over 3% of edible dollar sales in Arizona, Baked Bros has already established themselves as the dominant force in this subcategory, taking up an 87% share of cannabis syrup dollar sales in Arizona for Q1 2021. Some of you might be thinking “syrup?” The answer, is YES, syrup—absorbed first in the mucous membranes in the mouth, then further broken down in the intestines. AND, Baked Bros has you covered on their website with many fun food and drink recipe recommendations.

BDSA Team Member Submission: One that has to be assessed is the syrup category in AZ, Baked Bros has that category on lock.

1906: #1 ranked brand for non-gummie edibles in Colorado.

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With a product portfolio rich in history in Colorado with chocolate and now taken over by pills, 1906 has become one of the top edible producers nationwide, and has seen over a 30% increase in dollar sales in Colorado over the past year and,. has been particularly successful with their pill products, which are formulated with different plant-based inputs to target specific effects (think Midnight, Bliss, Go, Love, Genius, Chill). In the first quarter of 2021, 1906 solidified its position as the leading brand for pills, bringing in a 40% share of pill sales in Illinois and almost 60% of pill sales in Colorado. It is important to call-out the 1906 licensing partnership with Ascend Wellness Holdings.

BDSA Team Member Submission: 1906’s Pills are definitely breaking through. Looking good for 1906 in Massachusetts and Illinois as of recent!


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Breez by Promontory Holdings LLC: #4 ranked brand for non-gummie edibles in California.

Many familiar with the California edible market will recognize Breez, a brand known for their tablets, mints, and sublingual products. Breez has seen a 68% growth in sales over the past year across all markets, having become a mainstay of the California market for tablets and mints specifically. With the brand taking up 36% of tablet sales and almost 35% of mint sales in California for Q1 2021, Breez has become one of a few brands that has locked up a huge market share of these edible subcategories.

Betty’s Eddies by MariMed: #1 ranked brand for non-gummie edibles in Maryland.


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Operating in Maryland, Massachusetts, and Nevada, Betty’s Eddies has become a leading edible brand, with the 4th highest sales of non-gummie edibles across all BDSA-tracked markets in Q1 2021. Betty’s Eddies produces a variety of fruit-based chews, and has seen especially strong sales in the Maryland market. Of particular note is their dominance over the market for cannabis taffies in Maryland. Cannabis taffies comprise a HUGE 30% of dollar sales of the infused candy market in Maryland (compared to only ~5% across other legal markets), and Betty’s Eddies has locked up the entire market for this product subcategory.

And because no discussion of cannabis edibles is complete without mentioning beverages, we must include one honorable mention that definitely has not been flying under the radar:

Cann: #5 ranked brand for non-gummie edibles in California.

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Available in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Nevada, Cann has seen the strongest performance of any beverage brand in the past year. Further, they are rapidly expanding to new markets made possible by a licensing deal with Green Thumb Industries. Cann’s infused beverages are targeted towards social consumers and those looking for a micro-dose beverage, and it seems that there are no shortages in either of those consumer segments and need states. The brand saw over 50% growth in dollar sales in California between Q3 2020 and Q1 2021. Cann has also become the leading beverage brand in California by a wide margin, bringing in a 26% share of California beverage sales in Q1 2021.

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