Pricing & Promotions Strategy

Stop guessing or losing on Pricing and Promotions

Man talks about cannabis market pricing data.

BDSA solves for Cannabis Pricing & Promotion

Work with BDSA to set or optimize your price and promotion strategy. Customizable pricing data and analytics solutions will drive sales, profitability, and eliminate missed opportunities.

  • Granular Retail Sales Pricing Data for the Cannabis Market

    Product level daily unit and dollar sales, average retail price (ARP), max ARP, min ARP, and availability metrics.

  • Shopper Purchase Influencers

    Unpack price as a driver of purchasing relative to other product features across consumer or shopper targets.

  • Drivers of Price Bands

    Attribute or product feature pricing analytics down to precise retail and wholesale pricing or price bands.

  • Customized Pricing and Promotion Analytics

    Professional Services team on-demand for deeper analytics such as price elasticity, price sensitivity, and promotional performance.

  • Basket Analytics

    Category and brand-level cross-purchasing analytics for and holiday/time of year insights for promotion planning.

TOOLS TO DRIVE Pricing Decisions

Know exactly what is selling in cannabis, where, when, and for what price with BDSA’s cannabis market pricing data

Know the who and the why behind buy

Know the drivers of cannabis pricing

Know where to go for your pressing business questions

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