BDSA Product Enhancements Offer Faster and More Accurate Data

June 24, 2024

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In an industry more competitive than even, cannabis brands need to be able to stay nimble by implementing solutions to take advantage of the most accurate actionable data available. BDSA has been working hard to provide the data solutions that you need to stay on top of your cannabis market, and on July 2nd, BDSA will be rolling out the next evolution of our Retail Sales Tracking data solution, making it faster and more accurate.

Data Publishing

When it comes to implementing data-based solutions for your brand, we know that you have a need for speed, and that’s why a key portion of this product enhancement will be more rapid data at your fingertips. Retail Sales Tracking will now offer daily publication at the most granular level of detail. We will now be updating our full dataset, down to the product-level, on a daily basis, giving you actionable and immediate insights to stay ahead of trends and make informed decisions faster. This means that you will have next day data for your monthly and quarterly reports (and every time in between).

Greater Accuracy

Experienced cannabis industry players know that data is only actionable if it can accurately represent the latest trends, and BDSA has also worked hard to increase coverage, leading to even better accuracy and market stability. We are building on the foundation of our industry-standard retail panel, and introducing additional data sources to augment and support our core dataset. This will lead to unparalleled detail and accuracy, and more stable market projections even in more volatile and challenging markets. With this update, coverage will increase 2-3x across all 15 BDSA-tracked markets.

Unified Speed and Product Catalog

To make sure that all data solutions are offering consistent, actionable insights, BDSA has fully aligned the speed and product catalog across all BDSA sales solutions. What does this mean for your brand? Well, daily publishing won’t just extend to our flagship Retail Sales Tracking solution, but also Menu Analytics, Basket Analytics, Retail Reports, and Direct Connect. This will allow you to seamlessly blend data from our Retail Sales Tracking leading to more robust insights to solve a wider range of complex industry challenges.

BDSA’s Continued Dedication to being the most accurate data source available for the Cannabis Industry

BDSA’s retail panel, powered by direct point-of-sale feeds from thousands of retail locations, remains the cornerstone of our methodology. By incorporating additional data sources, BDSA has achieved unprecedented coverage and visibility, enhancing our ability to deliver the most accurate representation of sales, velocity, pricing, and availability.

BDSA leverages best-in-class AI and machine learning to model and project each market, but not all data sources are created equal. It is also crucial to emphasize that BDSA employs a comprehensive quality control process to achieve the highest quality output and data representation of each cannabis market.

Need to learn more about BDSA insights? Check out our most recent webinar on Pricing Solutions. Curious if BDSA’s solutions can solve your cannabis challenges? Reach out to request a demo today!

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