Menu Analytics

Gain insight into menu-listed pricing and availability of brands and products

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The cannabis retail landscape is at your fingertips with BDSA’s Menu Analytics. Unlock granular and actionable insights with menu-listed pricing and availability of brands and products at a state, regional, and store-specific level. The interactive dashboards utilize our detailed category hierarchy and extensive product catalogue to enable brand evaluation based on availability, pricing, markup, velocity, and price. Brands, Retailers, and Investors will uncover strengths or gaps that can be addressed within minutes of access to Menu Analytics.

  • Pricing

    Uncover granular intelligence on store-specific pricing for brands and products.

  • Distribution

    Use our availability heatmap to identify distribution strength and areas of opportunity.

  • Assortment

    Unpack the fastest-moving, up-and-coming, and the most widely stocked brands and products with insight into markup, velocity, availability, and price.

  • Inventory

    Improve sales strategy by evaluating out-of-stock trends of your own brands and of your competitors.

BDSA Menu Analytics Product Details and Coverage

  • Markets

    AZ, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA

  • Channels

    Medical, Adult-Use 

  • Time Periods

    Daily or Trending

  • Geographic Granularity

    State, County, City, Individual retail locations, and Custom groupings 

  • Measures

    In-stock/Out-of-stock, Listed price, Markup, Availability, and Velocity Benchmarks

BDSA Menu Analytics Capabilities

Synthesize product assortment and pricing information for an individual store, or a grouping of stores, to define a hyper-custom competitive set. Retailers and brands utilize Menu Analytics to uncover large and small-scale strategic opportunities to impact the bottom line.

  • Use granular menu-listed data to price with confidence and reduce reliance on secret shopping and word-of-mouth intel.
  • Differentiate your strategy from that of your nearby competitors, whether that be through assortment, pricing, or a mix of the two.
  • Uncover strengths and weaknesses of competitive brands referencing pricing, velocity, and out-of-stock data to sell directly against them.

Uncover critical indicators of brand strength and opportunities with key information such as pricing, markup, availability, and velocity.

For Retailers:

  • Identify new products to introduce based on strong or growing availability and velocity metrics.
  • Perform data-backed due diligence during the buying process.
  • Uncover average wholesale to retail markup.


For Brands:

  • Build detailed, data-backed “why my product/brand” sales stories to retailers.
  • Benchmark top performing, and up-and-coming competitive products.

Empower your sales team to address restocks and unpack root cause challenges and opportunities. Evaluate trending out-of-stock patterns of your own brand and your competitors by region or individual location, with the flexibility to view categories, brands, and products.

  • Assess demand planning based on historic out-of-stock trends by brand and product.
  • Identify brand and product distribution opportunities for specific storefronts.
  • Capitalize on insights into where competitors are selling out.