Enter the right cannabis markets and categories at the right time

cannabinoid industry market size and cannabis consumer segmentation

BDSA solves for Market & Category Expansion

Whether the opportunity is in another category or another market, BDSA can ensure you expand with excellence. Customizable cannabis sales data and analytics solutions to ensure you size the addressable market, develop the right product, build the right strategy, and set measurable goals.

  • Size the Addressable Market

    Know the total addressable cannabis market by state, by province, and by category out five years.

  • Granular Cannabis Retail Sales Data

    Know the cannabis market sales trends, assess competition, understand fragmentation, and launch the right product at the right price.

  • Consumer and Shopper Investigation

    Leverage cannabis consumer segmentation to profile target consumers or shoppers unpacking who they are, what they care about, and how they differ by category or by market.

  • Customized Expansion Strategy Solutions

    Professional Services team on-demand for cannabis market research and deeper analytics such as brand level future cannabis market forecasts, market readiness factors, opportunity identification.

TOOLS TO DRIVE Expansion Decisions

Know the cannabis market opportunity of today and tomorrow

Know exactly what is selling in cannabis, where, when, and for what price

Know the who and the why behind buy

Know where to go for your pressing business questions

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cannabis buyer persona details , cannabinoid industry market size and cannabis consumer segmentation
Cannabis Market Research Experts
Cannabis market pricing data for Organic J-1: cannabis consumer segmentation


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