Retail Sales Tracking

Know exactly what is happening across cannabis categories, brands, and products

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Those in the know, know because of us.

Available in AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, and PA, Retail Sales Tracking makes it easy to make better decisions with help of cannabis market sales data for your cannabis business, replacing uncertainty and opinion with facts and insights. From top-line data covering the total cannabis market to granular data covering channels, categories, products, and product attributes in a single state, you can use dynamic dashboards to answer business questions relating to assortment, pricing, availability, innovation, and more on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis.

  • Assortment

    Optimize assortment (retailers) or product portfolio management (brands) to maximize revenues, improve margins, and drive consumer adoption and sales.

  • Innovation

    Innovate with excellence by knowing what competitors are doing, what shoppers are buying, and what is trending in-market with BDSA’s cannabis market sales data.

  • Pricing

    Build pricing strategies that optimize sales to better compete in and across markets.

  • Investment

    Invest in the right brands for the right markets at the right time with help of our cannabis market sales data.

BDSA Retail Sales Tracking Product Details and Coverage

  • Markets

    AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA

  • Channels

    Medical, Adult-Use

  • Time Periods

    Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year, Custom 

  • Measures

    Dollar Sales, Unit Sales, Share, Average Retail Price (Min and Max), Availability, %ACV, Velocity 

  • Hierarchy

    SIX Levels of Categorization to Parent Company to Brand to Product to Product

  • Attributes

    Cannabinoid mg (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG), Cannabinoid Ratios, Pack Size, Pack Count, Flavor, Strain, Dosage, Etc.

  • Delivered

    BDSA’s GreenEdge®

BDSA Retail Sales Tracking Capabilities

Gain valuable insights with cannabis market sales data into what is selling and where with BDSA’s Top Categories, Best Selling Cannabis Brands and Products dashboards. Detailed dashboards drillable by 18 different variables allow you to track your current business and make data-backed adjustments to your short-term strategy. Then, identify the best opportunities for longer term growth, investment, expansion, new product launches, and beyond across all 13 BDSA-tracked cannabis markets.  

  • Identify the top performing states, categories, brands, and products. 
  • Drill into leading products by product attribute (pack size, cannabinoid ratios, cannabinoid mg, counts, flavors, etc.) for a targeted approach.  
  • Identify emerging shifts at retail to adjust assortment, pricing, shelf space, and more. 
  • Craft pricing and promotion strategies to optimize sales.

Even when a company nails innovation, branding, pricing and messaging, they must ensure that a product maintains sufficient distribution across a market in order to see success. BDSA’s Brand Availability metric provides a measure of the probability that a consumer can find a given brand in-store.

  • Drive successful innovations, track performance, and beyond.
  • Carry the right products that might not be widely available but when available, they move off the shelf quickly.
  • Identify strong performers with limited distribution for potential investment or to drive innovation strategies.

BDSA’s Brand House tracking with help of cannabis market sales data provides insight on sales for brands owned by parent companies as verified, mapped, and updated by BDSA. Within the dashboards, clients can view the sales and market share of parent companies over time and then drill down to see performance of the “house of brands” by state, category, and brand. 

  • Gain insights with help of cannabis market sales data on 25 BDSA-verified parent companies and their 100+ brands across 12 BDSA-tracked states.
  • Identify key investment opportunities with detailed breakdowns of market share by parent company across tracked markets. 
  • Drill down by product category and brand to see which categories and brands are driving the parent company’s sales. 
  • Know how, when, and if you can compete with these larger, growing “house of brands”. 

BDSA Basket Analytics provides insight powered by cannabis market sales data into the value and composition of shopper baskets, filterable by market, category and best selling cannabis brands. Retailers and manufacturers can develop cross-selling and up-selling strategies to maximize overall sales. 

  • Maximize store and brand sales through deeper basket diagnostics with data that is drillable by market, channel, category AND by brand. 
  • Craft powerful sales stories to gain optimal shelf space and perfect promotional planning and marketing strategies. 
  • Develop category and brand cross-selling strategies at retail. 
  • Optimize assortment and shelf placement. 
  • Grow overall basket size and boost sales velocity of smaller product categories by improving promotional strategies and budtender training.