Cannabis Consumer Insights

Know who is consuming cannabis, who to target, where, when, and with what message

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cannabis consumer insights and data

The difference between getting by and getting ahead.

Cannabis Consumer Insights allows clients to innovate, expand, promote and price with certainty by providing comprehensive information on cannabis Consumers®, Acceptors®, and Rejecters® by state and province. With information covering cannabis consumer (and non-consumer) demographics, behaviors, attitudes, product preferences, need states, consumption dynamics, and purchase drivers, utilize actionable data to take the guesswork out of cannabis consumer-facing decisions.

  • Targeted Promotion

    Craft unique strategies to boost basket sizes, incrementality, and sales velocity at retail by knowing which cannabis consumer data segments to target.

  • Assortment

    Enhance product assortment to get the most of your shelf space by shelving or selling products consumers are looking for.

  • Messaging

    Design data-driven messaging that speaks to the attitudes and needs of real shoppers and cannabis consumers.

  • Innovation

    Launch innovations that are incremental to the shelf or brand portfolio by knowing who to target with what product and what message.

BDSA Cannabis Consumer Insights Product Details and Coverage

  • Markets

    US and CANADA, by State and by Province 

  • Channels

    Medical, Adult-Use

  • Sample

    Consumers®, Acceptors®, and Rejecters®

  • Cadence

    Conducted 2x Per Year, 9 Waves of Trended Data & Insights

  • Measures

    Demographics, Psychographics, Attitudes, Consumption Behaviors, Product Usage, Purchasing Dynamics, Product Choice Influencers 

  • Add-Ons

    BDSA’s Attitudinal Consumer Segmentation—6 Mutually Exclusive Consumer Segments and 4 Non-Consumer Segments

  • Delivered

    BDSA’s GreenEdge®

BDSA Cannabis Consumer Insights Capabilities

Understand and size the consumer landscape across U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Cannabis Consumer Insights data provides the tools to run your cannabis business with intention by understanding the shifting demographics, psychographics, and behaviors of cannabis Consumers® and Acceptors®. 

  • Granular data on demographics and attitudes of cannabis Consumers® and Acceptors® can help retailers, brands, and investors develop an accurate profile of how a market’s cannabis Consumer base is developing.
  • Identify main causes of hesitancy among Acceptors® and craft strategies to grow cannabis Consumers® adoption and consumption.
  • Launch and expand with purpose by using Trending Consumer Dashboards to track the evolution of cannabis shoppers and cannabis consumers.

Cannabis Consumer Insights data provides a detailed breakdown of the consumer base across U.S. and Canadian markets, allowing brands and investors to cut through misinformation and stereotypes surrounding the modern cannabis consumer.

  • With data that explain the varied relationships consumers have with cannabis, develop marketing strategies that speak to consumer attitudes and sensibilities. 
  • Fine-tune in-store experience and improve consumer targeting by anchoring your strategy in the six mutually exclusive Cannabis Consumer Segments (BDSA’s attitudinal-based trending segmentation).
  • Investors can use consumer lifestyle data to identify brands and products that address the needs of the dynamic consumer landscape. 

Check out what cannabis form factors and product subcategories are most commonly used and preferred by consumers and WHY.

  • Explore detailed shopping behavior to optimize retail space and win in-store. 
  • Zero in on cannabis consumption occasions and consumer need states to ensure your brand is getting the most out of its product portfolio. 
  • Explore consumer product preferences down to granular product attributes to expand, innovate, and stock the right mix.

BDSA’s CBD Consumer Insights provide data on the demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behavior of CBD consumers (both hemp and marijuana derived) across adult-use legal states, medical legal states, and Canadian provinces. 

  • Develop effective messaging for hemp or marijuana CBD brands or products with granular profiles of Consumers® and Acceptors®. 
  • Identify top product categories and usage occasions to stay ahead of the curve with innovation and product launches.
  • Brands can optimize distribution decisions by getting their products to the right retailers with an in-depth picture of CBD purchasing behaviors. 
  • Understand and unpack the relationship between CBD brands and products sold in the dispensary versus mainstream retail.