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Know when and how to make a cannabis play

BDSA has the right solutions for CPG, Beverage, Wellness, Tobacco, Pharma

The US cannabis market is too big to ignore. If you are not yet actively operating or investing in cannabis, then BDSA will meet you with the right, scaled-down data solution to ensure you are ready for the next board meeting or when the ELT comes asking for a cannabis update.

  • Size the Addressable Market

    Know the total addressable market by state, by province, by country, and by category out five years.

  • Assess and Track Risk and Opportunity to Your “Core”

    Understand the complex cannabis consumption dynamics and form factors to unpack and size potential opportunities and risks.

  • Identify Key Shifts that would Trigger a Move

    Track regulatory matters and forecasted regulatory changes that would trigger a strategic action or investment.

  • Invest or Acquire with Confidence

    Lean on actionable data to make your decisions, not your gut.

TOOLS TO Drive Cannabis Decisions

Know the cannabis market opportunity of today and tomorrow

Know just the essentials to make a move

Know exactly what is selling in cannabis, where, when, and for what price

Know where to go for your pressing business questions

cannabis industry forecast consumer segmentation, Cannabis Market Trends: CBD and THC
cannabis market share on the market dashboards
retail cannabis data, Cannabis Market sales data Trends: CBD and THC
Cannabis Market Research Experts
Cannabis market pricing data for Organic J-1: cannabis consumer segmentation


Those in the know, know because of us.

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