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Not just informative. Predictive.

BDSA’s global cannabis market forecast provides visibility into the expected growth of legal cannabis markets in 40+ countries, all U.S. states and territories, and all Canadian provinces. With 5-year rolling forecasts covering the total addressable market by country, state, channel and category, Market Forecasts help clients gain confidence in sizing the addressable market, mergers and acquisitions, expansion strategies, new market launches, and short-term and long-term investments.

  • Investment

    Identify top growth opportunities across markets to invest with confidence.

  • Planning

    Understand where markets are going and prepare for industry shifts.

  • Expansion

    Launch and expand within and across markets with purpose with a granular understanding of market potential.

  • Acquisition

    Identify winning deals with detailed knowledge of market potential and timing.

BDSA Cannabis Market Forecasts Product Details and Coverage

  • Markets

    Globally (40 countries), US and CAN, by State and by Province

  • Channels

    Regulated Medical, Regulated Adult-Use, Mainstream Retail Channels (Hemp-CBD)

  • Categories

    CBD and THC, Flower, Vape, Dabbables, Prerolled, Edibles, Sublinguals, Topicals

  • Cadence

    Updated 2x Per Year, +5 Year Forecast

  • Measures

    Dollar Sales, Share

  • Delivered

    BDSA’s GreenEdge®

BDSA Cannabis Market Forecasts Capabilities

BDSA’s U.S. Cannabis Market Forecast provides valuable insight into the trajectory of the cannabis industry nationwide. With forecasts for every U.S. state and territory broken out by channel AND category, see which markets are the biggest drivers of the U.S. cannabis industry today and tomorrow.

  • Develop plans to expand your brand in new markets or into new categories by using granular forecast data to pinpoint markets best poised for growth. 
  • Use forecasted consumption, patient, and adult population data to assess the best opportunities to expand retail businesses.  
  • Craft long-term investment plans with detailed information on expected legalization and sales launch dates. 

Use BDSA’s Canada Cannabis Market Forecast to gain insight into one of the largest and fastest growing cannabis markets worldwide.

  • Make informed investment decisions with a 5-year rolling forecast broken down by each Canadian province and territory by channel and by category. 
  • With legal sales forecasts segmented into medical and adult-use channels, determine which sales channel holds the most potential for your brand. 
  • Efficiently plan new market entries and expansions with demographic data forecasts showing expected growth in patient and consumer population by province and territory. 

There’s more to cannabis sales than just the top line market total, that’s why BDSA provides granular cannabis category forecasts for all U.S. and Canadian markets so you can see which product formats are expected to be winners in years to come.

  • Stay ahead of category sales shifts to optimize space at retail. 
  • Gain insight into rising form factors to develop a winning product portfolio. 
  • Tailor brand strategies for medical and adult-use channels with category forecasts segmented by channel. 

With more legal markets opening worldwide each year, the cannabis industry is no longer just about North America. BDSA’s Global Cannabis Market Forecast provides a five-year outlook on the total size of the cannabis industry for over 40 markets globally.

  • Strategically plan expansion into new markets by knowing when the market is forecasted to legalize.
  • Assess market potential by sales channel with granular forecasts segmented into medical, adult-use and illicit channels.  
  • Accurately size cannabis consumer potential and adoption for each global market with yearly consumer population estimates.