Wholesale Pricing Analytics

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A joint product by BDSA and Apex Trading, Wholesale Pricing Analytics allows retailers, distributors, brands and growers to view prices to maximize margin, improve revenues, and time buying and selling decisions. With historical pricing trends as well as a deep dive into pricing by potency, phenotype, strain, grow environment, grow medium and trim method, this tool allows users to understand what is driving wholesale prices and stay nimble in this highly competitive, dynamic industry.

  • Brand Development and Innovation

    Learn what Flower product quality cues and attributes command a premium at wholesale to maximize your sales.

  • Cultivation Planning

    Plan ahead of time what to grow to optimize wholesale pricing and sales.

  • Assortment

    Identify characteristics of top products to plan a winning portfolio.

  • Distribution

    Develop a strategy to enhance distribution in each region of a market.

BDSA Wholesale Pricing Analytics Product Details and Coverage

  • Markets

    CO, OR

  • Categories


  • Time Periods

    Month, Quarter

  • Measures

    Average Price Per Pound (Min and Max)

  • Attributes

    THC Range, Strain, Grow Mediums, Grow Environment, Product Type, Trim Method 

  • Delivered

    BDSA’s GreenEdge®

BDSA Wholesale Pricing Analytics Capabilities

Outperform the competition by understanding market dynamics and trends to buy and sell at the best times.

  • Optimize pricing in the most competitive markets with monthly wholesale price trends. 
  • Identify average, maximum, and minimum wholesale price trends across markets. 
  • Time buying and selling activities to outperform the market. 

Play to your strengths by understanding how product attributes impact pricing.

  • Compare price differences by phenotypes, strain, and more.
  • See how flower quality drives pricing trends between markets.
  • Understand how time-of-year impacts product pricing. 

Use grow parameters to identify pricing dynamics and drivers.

  • Evaluate grow medium impacts on pricing.
  • Calculate the cost-benefit of different trim methods.
  • Determine the price differences between grow environments. 

Compare regional prices to better understand market dynamics, potential revenues, and potential costs.

  • Understand how different market’s prices are impacted by product type.
  • Assess market-specific dynamics related to time-of-year and seasonality.
  • Determine market viability before entry.