Top Five Best-Selling US Cannabis Brands of 2022

February 21, 2023

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MSOs and Vape Brands Take Top Spots in BDSA’s TOP Five 2022 Cannabis Brands List

2022 is in the books and BDSA’s analysis of top cannabis brands across markets shows that MSO brands, particularly brands with a strong presence in the Midwest and Northeast, were the top cannabis brands in the US.

INTRODUCING BDSA’s 2022 Best Selling Cannabis Brands (AZ, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NV, NJ, NY, OR, PA):

  1. Stiiizy
Best Selling Cannabis Brands: Stiiizy

2. Rythm

Best Selling Cannabis Brands: Rythm

3. Select

Best Selling Cannabis Brands: Select

4. Cresco Cannabis

Best Selling Cannabis Brands: Cresco

5. Verano

Best Selling Cannabis Brands: Verano

The Whys Behind the Top Cannabis Brands:


According to BDSA’s Consumer Insights tracking, ~70% of consumers report consuming via inhalable products and ~55% of cannabis consumers prefer using inhalable products. Those preferences come across in market results as Inhalables, including flower, vape, and other concentrates, accounted for ~84% of total dollar sales across all markets in 2022.


Vape sales accounted for ~26% of total dollars across BDSA-tracked markets in 2022, up from ~23% of total dollar sales that the vape category made up in 2021. Vapes are the second most preferred inhalable product after flower, with ~25% of cannabis consumers in adult-use and medical states citing vape as their preferred inhalable format.


BDSA Brand House tracking shows that the top brand houses have increased their share of total cannabis sales across BDSA-tracked states. Per Brand House data, the share of total sales held by the top five brand houses across all BDSA-tracked markets increased from ~14% in Q1 2021 to ~18% in Q4 2022. Several brands on this list are top-ranked brands at the state level in multiple states. Both Stiiizy and Rythm were top-ranked brands overall in multiple BDSA-tracked markets in 2022.

INTRODUCING BDSA’s 2022 Best-Selling Cannabis Brands:

  1. Stiiizy:
    • Stiizy has expanded rapidly, becoming the best-selling vape brand across all BDSA-tracked markets and holding on to the number one brand ranking by dollar sales for 2022. Also the number one brand in CA, Stiiizy generated ~$756 million in sales in 2022 across AZ, CA, MI, and NV.
  2. Rythm:
    • The leading brand of Green Thumb Industries, Rythm continued to hold second-place and was the best-selling brand in MA and IL for 2022. Offering a product portfolio of flower (~52% of brand sales), vape (~41%) and dabbable concentrate products (~7%), Rythm sales reached ~$445 million in 2022 across MA, MD, IL, PA, NJ, and NV.
  3. Select:
    • Curaleaf subsidiary Select Oil is one of the biggest players in the cannabis vape market, with products available across 17 states. The brand saw ~$371 million in sales for 2022 across AZ, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NJ, NV, NY, PA, and OR.
  4. Cresco Cannabis:
    • Cresco generated ~$365 million in sales for 2022 across AZ, CA, IL, MA, MD, MI, OR, and PA. The company’s offerings include vapes (~51% of brand sales), flower (~38%), pre-roll (~1%) and dabbables (~11%).
  5. Verano:
    • The flagship brand of Illinois-based Verano Holdings, Verano generated ~$306 million in sales for 2022 across AZ, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NV, and PA. Verano product portfolio covers a wide range of cannabis categories, including flower (~41% of brand sales), pre-rolls (~14%), edibles (~7%), dabbable concentrates (~5%) and vapes (~33%).

INTRODUCING BDSA’s 2022 Best Selling Cannabis Brands by State:

MarylandCurio Wellness
MissouriProper Cannabis
New JerseyVerano
New YorkCuraleaf 
PennsylvaniaCresco Cannabis
[Source: BDSA Retail Sales Tracking, 2022]
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