Maximize revenues, expand market share AND gain the competitive advantage with BDSA’s suite of products.


Product teams use BDSA’s suite of products to set and adjust prices to maximize revenues and margin, and gain the greatest market share possible. Proprietary data sets and algorithms give your brand managers a competitive advantage and help you outmaneuver your competitors.


Should you drive forward with plans to expand into limited license states or tackle the massive California market? Is it better to follow the headlines and chase branded ingestible products or to follow the connoisseurs into the world of craft concentrates? Stop guessing and get smart with BDSA’s insights. Proprietary algorithms, powered by the highest quality sales data and driven by the latest statistical tools, cut through the fog and give your team a leg up on your competition.


Marketing dollars are precious so spend them wisely by relying on BDSA to bring clarity with proprietary consumer segmentation covering Consumers, Acceptors and Rejectors. Want to find the next “soccer mom” group? Try diving into the data with BDSA’s team of experts and trending research going back to 2017, so you can see how demographics and attitudes have changed over time.


Measure the success of day-to-day sales operations, promotions and pricing with retail sales tracking; attract new customers with insider knowledge on product needs and shopping experience desires with Consumer Insights; plan effectively for expansion with the support of market forecasts and reporting on regulatory and other impacts to the industry.