Using Granular Flower Weight data to Price with Confidence 

March 24, 2022

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At BDSA, we’re always working hard to improve the functionality of our cannabis market pricing data products to give you the actionable insights you need to stay ahead in the fast-moving cannabis industry. In our upcoming round of updates to BDSA’s Retail Sales Tracking, BDSA has introduced Pack Units, Pack ARP, Flower Weights, Dabbable Weights, and Price/Gram.

The additional measures provide a comprehensive view of units sold at some of the most common weights by state, by channel, by brand, and by product. This more granular cannabis market pricing data opens up new visibility into units sold and the average retail price for flower products, allowing for retailers and brands alike to make more informed decisions on pricing, shelving, and innovating in the highly competitive Flower category (also available for Dabbable Concentrates).

As Flower is packaged in a variety of weights, ranging from 1 gram to 28 grams in most markets, greater visibility in package weights and pricing is required to accurately understand pricing trends across pack size within a market. EQ Units represent all categories of packaged flower units equivalized to brands, while Pack Units represent the number of Flower packaged units themselves.

cannabis market pricing data

When we look at California Flower sales for February 2022, ~3M Pack Units sold and ~14M EQ Units sold. EQ units are equalized to grams, so for California 14M units of 1g of Flower sold in February, where pack units captured that 3M units of Flower sold regardless of the weight.  

The vast majority of the Pack Units sold were comprised of eighths (3.5 g), with 2.5 million sold in February 2022, followed by quarters (7g). 

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