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Now Live! Spring 2023 Consumer Insights Release – Wave 12

June 27, 2023

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LOUISVILLE, CO., June 27, 2023 The latest update of BDSA Consumer Insights is now live! BDSA’s trended biannual cannabis consumer survey is currently in its 12th wave, now featuring expanded adult-use coverage of the key emerging markets of Missouri, Connecticut, and New York, along with more granular consumption data by product category. BDSA Consumer Insights offers a comprehensive picture of the US consumer landscape, including consumer and non-consumer knowledge, attitudes, demographics, psychographics, consumption drivers, shopping behavior, purchasing trends, and product preferences. 

Support for Cannabis Legalization Shows Continued Growth Among U.S. Adults 

When it comes to consumer attitudes towards legalization, more consumers are in favor of full legalization than ever. Newest data show that 57% of adults across all states surveyed agree that cannabis should be legal for adult-use, a 1% increase from BDSA’s previous Consumer Insights wave.  

Almost three quarters of US adults have “bought in” to cannabis consumption 

Across adult-use and medical legal markets, 46% claim to have consumed cannabis in the past 6 months. An additional 29% of the population say that they are either open to future consumption or agree that cannabis should be legal to consume. This means that 74% of the total US population are either consumers, or cannabis-friendly

Roughly 9 out of 10 consumers expect to continue consuming cannabis 

Strong consumer participation is good news by itself. However, the most recent consumer shopping data shows that consumer retention is also very strong. Across adult-use and medical legal states, 86% of past six-month consumers claim that they expect to continue consuming cannabis, with 66% reporting that they will definitely continue to consume. 

Consumer Insights Coverage of the Missouri Market Shows Strong Consumer Growth Since Start of Adult-Use Sales 

The Missouri market is already seeing strong consumer participation growth with the addition of adult-use sales in February 2023. BDSA data show that 40% of those surveyed in Spring 2023 claim to have consumed cannabis in the past six-months, up +9% from Fall 2022. 

Gummy has Surpassed Flower as Most Commonly Consumed Product Category  

Flower is no longer the sole king in legal cannabis. This new release of BDSA Consumer Insights showcases that Gummy Edibles are now the cannabis form factor consumed by the greatest percent of the population, despite BDSA Retail Sales Tracking data showing that Flower dollar sales were four times the size of Gummy dollar sales across BDSA-tracked markets in April-May 2023. Prior to this Spring 2023 release, trended consumer surveys highlighted flower as the most used and preferred form factor. This has also been evident in BDSA Retail Sales Tracking, which has consistently shown Flower to hold the biggest share of dollar sales by category. Specifically, 49% of consumers across adult-use and medical states claimed to have consumed a Gummy Edible in the past six months (+2.8 percentage points since Fall 2022), while 47% claimed to have consumed Flower in the past six-months

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