Top Five U.S. Cannabis Brands of 2021: AZ, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NV, OR, PA

January 10, 2022

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MSOs and Vape Brands Take Top Spots in BDSA’s TOP Five 2021 Cannabis Brands List  

2021 is nearly in the books and BDSA’s analysis of top cannabis brands across markets shows stability at the head of the pack, with some jockeying for a position in the top five. Per SKU-based tracking from BDSA’s Retail Sales Tracking, multi-state operators and vape brands dominate.

Introducing BDSA’s 2021 Best Selling Cannabis Brands (AZ, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NV, OR, PA):

  1. Rythm
  2. Cresco Cannabis
  3. Stiiizy
  4. Select
  5. Wyld 

The Whys Behind the Top Cannabis Brands:

  • INHALABLES DOMINATE: ~55% of cannabis consumers prefer using inhalable products per BDSA’s ongoing Consumer Insights tracking and those preferences come across in market results. Inhalables, including flower, vape, and other concentrates, accounted for ~85% of total sales year-to-date through November 2021.
  • VAPE SHARE RISING GRADUALLY: Vape sales have accounted for ~20% of total dollars across BDSA-tracked markets for January-November 2021. Vapes are the second most preferred inhalable product after flower, with ~25% of cannabis consumers in adult-use and medical states citing vape as their preferred inhalable format.
  • BORDER CROSSING: The U.S. legal cannabis market is highly fragmented and operating across state borders is more difficult for cannabis companies than most others, but a requirement for top brands. The top five brands in BDSA’s list are in at least four and as many as seven of the markets listed above.

Introducing BDSA’s 2021 Best-Selling Cannabis Brands:

Top Five U.S. Cannabis Brands: RYTHM

The leading brand of Green Thumb Industries, Rythm continues to hold first-place and has been the best-selling brand in MA throughout 2021. Offering a product portfolio of flower (~45% of brand sales), vape (~50%) and concentrate products (~5%), Rythm sales reached ~$430 million for the first eleven months of 2021 in MA, IL, PA, and NV.

Top Five U.S. Cannabis Brands: CRESCO

Cresco has generated ~$425 million in sales for January-November 2021 across AZ, CA, IL, MA, MD, and PA, and holds second-place in BDSA’s top-five brand list for 2021. The company’s offerings include vapes (~40% of brand sales), flower (~40%), pre-roll (~1%) and dabbables (~20%).

Top Five U.S. Cannabis Brands: STIIIZY

Stiiizy has expanded rapidly, becoming the best-selling vape brand across all BDSA-tracked markets and holding on to the third-ranked spot in January- November 2021. Also the number one brand in CA, Stiiizy generated ~$250 million in sales YTD 2021 across AZ, CA, MI, and NV.

Cannabis Brand: SELECT

Curaleaf subsidiary Select is one of the biggest players in the cannabis vape market, with products available across 17 states. The brand has seen ~$235 million in sales for January-November 2021 across AZ, CA, CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, PA, and OR.

Cannabis Brand: WYLD

A storied edible brand out of the Oregon market, Wyld’s success across the U.S. cannabis industry has allowed it to crack into the list of the Top Five brands from 2021. The brand brought in ~$190 million in sales across AZ, CA, CO, MI, NV, and OR for January-November of 2021.

Introducing BDSA’s 2021 Best Selling Cannabis Brands by State:

AZ: Timeless Vapes

IL: Cresco Cannabis

NV: Cookies

PA: Cresco Cannabis

CA: Stiiizy

MA: Rythm

OR: Wyld

CO: Wana Edibles

MD: Curio Wellness

MO: Illicit Gardens

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