BDSA Launches Illinois Retail Sales Tracking

BOULDER, Colo. — May 5, 2020 —BDSA (formerly BDS Analytics), the leader in comprehensive, accurate and actionable cannabis market intelligence and consumer research, announced today that Illinois retail cannabis sales exceeded $188 million in the first quarter of 2020, reflecting adult-use sales of $109.96 million and medical sales of $78.2 […]

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A Cannabis Holiday In Question: How Will The COVID-19 Crisis Impact Cannabis Business On 4/20?

The COVID-19 public health crisis reset societies around the globe in just a few short months. With more than 150,000 deaths as of this writing, per the Johns Hopkins coronavirus resource center, no aspect of our lives remains untouched. The Easter and Passover holidays were forced online and over 22 […]

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COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Cannabis Markets

State Status This page will be updated as new information becomes available. As Americans endure another week under the restrictions set by  government bodies as a result of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, many businesses have been forced to address their “essential” status, forcing many to temporarily close or adjust operations. […]

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BDS Analytics’ Top 5 Insights: The Impact of Cannabis on the OTC and Prescription Drug Channels

Cannabis pharmaceutical BDS Analytics

As more U.S. states move towards legalization, cannabis consumers are taking advantage of the unique opportunity to address medical needs through the available products at their local dispensaries. Though medical cannabis is generally not covered by most U.S. insurance plans, trends indicate increased use of cannabis as an alternative to […]

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From Cannabis Business Executive: “It’s tea time for the cannabis market”

May 8, 2017 by Doug Brown | Cannabis Business Executive Cannabis with your cup of tea? Increasingly, consumers are saying, “Yes, please.” Cannabis-infused tea drinks are hot in the marketplace, and the thirst for pot tea is a fairly new phenomenon. According to data from BDS Analytics, a leading source of […]

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‘In the Weeds’ Episode 13: The Frontier of Cannabis Promotion Featuring Lee Henderson, Co-Founder of HiFi Farms

  Today on ‘In the Weeds’ visit the frontier of cannabis promotion. Modern rock act, “Portugal. The Man” has teamed up with international ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and Oregon-based cannabis grower HiFi Farms to release “Feel It Still,” a custom, packaged pre-roll blend designed to pair with the band’s new […]

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‘In the Weeds’ Episode 12: Featuring Jeremy Bamford, Founder of PotGuide

Today on ‘In the Weeds’ we get to know Jeremy Bamford, founder of PotGuide, the internet’s most popular site for cannabis tourism. Learn how he has grown his company even with limited cannabis online advertising options, and what he sees for pot tourism in the future. Listen to the latest […]

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‘In the Weeds’ Episode 11: Women Cannabis Consumers are Different. How? Featuring Terri Nopp, Founder of Happy Parties

On this week’s podcast we yak with Terri Nopp, founder of Happy Parties, about the unique needs and preferences of the woman cannabis consumer. Listen to the latest podcast here. About Terri Nopp, Founder of Happy Parties With 25 years of communications experience ranging from start-up positioning, to enterprise global […]

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‘In the Weeds’ Episode 10: BDS Analytics’ Own Claire Kaufmann Dishes About The Le’Or Cannabis Passover Seder

This week’s podcast promises to be our most informative yet.  As we all know in the cannabis industry, our Christmas comes in April. Listen this week as we give real, tangible advice about how to make the most of your sales on 420.  Listen to the latest podcast here. About […]

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