Solventless Cannabis: Beyond the Dab Rig

July 8, 2021

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Some in the industry may claim that solventless cannabis products are the choice product of a niche group of cannabis consumers…maybe just the smug hipsters of the cannabis scene who eschew all but the finest and most exclusive concentrates? Further, we have heard opinions that solventless cannabis products only “work” in markets that over-index to the organic, natural, green, tree-hugging cannabis consumer population—specifically hearing Colorado, Oregon, etc. being called out (not our words, so please do not get offended).

But the real story is different. While it is true that cannabis consumers who gravitate towards solventless cannabis products often have more knowledge of cannabis, many of them are drawn to these products because of consistent high quality and a fuller expression of the various cannabinoids and terpenes that the plant has to offer. A pitch that is often heard by budtenders to the consumers in the dispensary.

The consumer demand for solventless products extends far beyond dabbable concentrates, as is evidenced by the growing number of brands producing vapes and edibles with solventless inputs. Solventless vapes in particular are becoming more common in BDSA tracked markets.

BDSA’s retail sales tracking showed that in Q1 2018, there were only four rosin vape cartridge products sold in Colorado, a number that grew to 160 by Q1 2021. Solventless vapes are also steadily becoming more common in the California market, which went from having just 16 rosin vape products in Q1 2018 to 28 rosin vapes in Q1 2021.

We have heard skepticism from both cannabis brands and retailers on the viability and benefit of solventless edibles (is it just a marketing hook?). That said, ingestible products with solventless inputs are becoming more common, and have even broken into the top 10 rankings in BDSA retail sales tracking markets (reminder: BDSA has granular tracking in AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MA, MD, MI, NV, OR, PA).

710 Labs: Rosin Gummies

With a presence in both California and Colorado, 710 Labs has been a mainstay in the broader concentrate market, producing premium water hash, rosin and solvent extracts. This brand has also staked a claim in the California edible sector with their line of strain-specific rosin gummies which are a TOP 25 gummie brand by dollar sales in YTD 2021.

Dablogic: Rosin Vapes

Working with Colorado cultivator Verde Natural, concentrate producer Dablogic is well known for their solventless extracts, available in Colorado and more recently in California. The brand’s product line features a variety hash, rosin and solventless vapes, which they advertise as “the world’s first solventless [vape] pen.” Dablogic has become the number one solventless vape in Colorado and is a TOP 15 rank among all CO vape brands by dollar sales YTD 2021.

“Dab Logic is a go-to for Rosin Carts in CO – they’re the biggest Rosin carts brand in CO BY FAR”

– BDSA Account Manager

Jetty Extracts: Solventless Vapes

Jetty Extracts has remained a TOP 10 vape brand in California. The brand produces a variety of concentrate products, including dabbable concentrates, solvent vape cartridges, live resin Pax pods, oil applicators, infused pre-rolled joints, and more recently, solventless vape cartridges. Building off their legacy as a mainstay in the California Vape market, Jetty’s solventless vapes have seen strong growth since their launch in early 2021, with their products making up three of the top six solventless vape cartridges in CA in May 2021.

The Flower Collective: Infused Pre-Rolled

Active in the Colorado market since 2015, The Flower Collective has become one of many Colorado brands focusing on solventless extracts. The brand has seen success in the infused pre-rolled joint subcategory with their Bubble Joints and hemp-wrapped Bubble Blunts. These products have helped them become the #2 infused pre-rolled joint brand in Colorado in YTD 2021.

“The Flower Collective (CO) does solely solventless concentrates (bubble hash + rosin). I am a big fan of their bubble joints + blunts.”

– BDSA Account Manager

Dialed in… gummies

Dialed in has become an established brand in Colorado with their line of rosin gummies manufactured in collaboration with 35 different cultivators. The brand has focused on small-batch production; marketing on their organic inputs, sustainable packaging methods and strain-specific products. By Q1 2021, Dialed had risen to be the 9th ranked gummie edible brand by dollar sales in Colorado, rivaling several larger brands and operators.

Level: Hashtabs

With a focus on products featuring lesser-known cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and THCv, Level has made its name as a brand that aims to innovate and push the boundaries in the cannabis ingestible space, a trend they’ve continued with the addition of the hash-infused tablets, Hashtabs. Manufacturing tablets and sublinguals with both high-dose and microdose options, Level has become the number one tablet brand in California, bringing in over +60% of dollar sales of tablets YTD 2021. Despite being a more recent addition to the brands product portfolio, Level’s Indica and Sativa Hashtabs respectively rank in the TOP 10 best-selling tablet products in California YTD 2021.

And because we can never seem to finish a Top 5 list without an honorable mention, here’s another California brand that made an impact with the BSDA team:

Space Gem Candy: Spacedrops

Founded in Northern California in 2013, this brand initially launched to serve the needs of medical patients who wanted high quality solvent-free edibles in a market dominated by solvent extract-infused products. Manufacturing hash-infused gummies, tinctures and drink additives, Space Gem Candy has managed to carve out a respectable piece of the highly competitive California market, becoming a BDSA TOP 10 ranked gummie edible brand in CA YTD 2021.

“Best experience I’ve ever had with an edible.” 

– BDSA Account Manager
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