What Was Hot in Pot in 2018: Top 10 Cannabis Product Trends

Top 10 Cannabis Product Trends of 2018 - BDS Analytics

When Colorado kicked-off legal adult-use cannabis sales in the United States in 2014, unbranded flower fully dominated the marketplace, capturing more than 60 percent of all sales. Concentrates, edibles and topicals were far behind. Five years later, multiple states enjoy legalized adult-use cannabis sales, including the most populous state in the country, California. And the […]

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BDS Analytics’ Top 10 Cannabis Market Trends for 2018 (UPDATED 11/16)

BDS Analytics’ Top 10 Cannabis Market Trends for 2018

Make sure to check out our year-end recap of the Top 10 Cannabis Product Trends. Click to read. Legalization changes everything. And in 2018, legalization of cannabis, both for medical and adult-use is playing a huge role in influencing where the industry is headed – with production, with consumption, and everything in-between. It transforms cannabis […]

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Today’s Edibles Marketplace – Mouth Watering Options Abound

With companies creating everything from sleep-enhancing pills to brownies, butters, carbonated lemon-lime drinks and bags of caramel corn, the edibles marketplace is the most dynamic marketplace within cannabis. It’s not the biggest — that’s flower — nor the fastest-growing – that’s concentrates, but no other large cannabis category competes with edibles’ range of product diversity. […]

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Colorado vs California – The Tale of the Tape

Tale of the Tape: CO vs. CA | BDS Analytics

A heavyweight battle. January-June, 2018. Two superstars itching to jump into the preverbal cannabis ring. But first, we need to size up our competitors. Were the battle based entirely on brawn, the fight would end before it began. California today is the largest market in the world for legal cannabis sales, and no jurisdiction on […]

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Arizona Cannabis – A Legal Market Like No Other

Arizona Cannabis

Colorado’s regulatory experience with legal cannabis has been ploddingly sensible and ordered — the Centennial State is the Switzerland of weed-friendly jurisdictions. California’s long pot journey — the first in the nation with legal medical cannabis, and now the largest adult-use market in the world — has been more like Italy: chaotic, operatic, hazy rules, […]

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Flower, Where Have You Gone?

Picture of marijuana flower in retail

The recently launched industry intelligence publication, The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, 6th Edition, points out in its sweeping analysis of worldwide cannabis markets one trend that is likely to continue — the slow, but inexorable decline of flower’s reign on legal retail. When adult-use sales began in Colorado, on January 1, 2014, flower immediately dominated. By […]

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America’s Own Homegrown Industry

Cannabis industry jobs

It all begins with the humble plant. The fastest-growing industry in the United States relies 100 percent upon the simple cultivation and harvesting of one plant, cannabis sativa — its buds, its leaves, and the diversity of organic compounds the plant provides, including THC. If the plant is grown indoors, as is most legal cannabis […]

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