Gearing Up for a Summer Outdoors!

June 9, 2021

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With more people vaccinated and ready to have a good time, many are looking forward to getting back to concerts, festivals, and sporting events that were put on hold last year. Cannabis consumers are no exception when it comes to a passion for outdoor events. BDSA’s Retail Sales Tracking and Consumer Insights data highlight that cannabis consumers are enthusiastic about outdoor events and increasingly are turning to cannabis products that lend themselves to public consumption.

While many consumers describe their cannabis consumption as health-related, nearly three quarters of consumers in adult-use states describe their cannabis consumption as recreational or social. BDSA’s Consumer Insights from Fall 2020 shows that cannabis consumers are generally more active than non-consumers. Nearly 60% of consumers in fully legal states report that they enjoy spending time outdoors, compared to just 45% of category rejecters. Meanwhile, those that consume cannabis are more likely to enjoy outdoor activities, yoga, and going to the gym than non-consumers.

When it comes to form factors that consumers gravitate toward, many report preferring products which offer ease-of-use and discretion, both of which are key when enjoying cannabis at public and/or outdoor events. Vapes, which are the leading product subcategory after flower in most BDSA-tracked markets, are no exception. 55% of consumers report that they consume vapes because of the ease-of-use, while 37% consume vapes because of the discretion that they offer.

A similar dynamic is seen with candy edibles, which constituted over 60% of dollar edible sales across BDSA-tracked markets in Q1 2021. 37% of consumers cite ease-of-use as their reason for consuming gummie edibles, while 35% of consumers cite ease-of-use as their reason for consuming hard candies. This differs from baked goods and chocolate, where the leading purchase driver tends to be taste and flavor options.

For those looking to get the most out of outdoor events, cannabis offers an opportunity to help relax and enjoy an occasion with some moderation. Nearly 60% of consumers in Fall 2020 agree that cannabis does not impair them as much as alcohol does, up from 53% in Spring 2020. This comes at a time when cannabis beverages are positioning themselves more directly against alcohol beverage products and the traditional drinking occasion, touting lower dosage per can and great taste with brands such as Cann and Absolute Extracts seeing growth.

As the summer of 2021 kicks off, it’s likely that cannabis will play a major role in how many consumers enjoy outdoor events, both cannabis-related and not. BDSA expects products like vapes, infused beverages and gummies to be big winners at outdoor events as the country moves out of the pandemic and gets back to the sporting events, festivals and outdoor celebrations that we missed so much in 2020.

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