We provide answers.

Our clients are primed to make the right decisions about the expanding and evolving cannabinoids industry. We answer the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW MUCH, and WHAT’S NEXT in cannabis & CBD.

Consumer Insights

Cutting-edge consumer research and insights, answering the WHO and WHY of consumption and purchasing focused on Consumers, Acceptors and Rejecters™.

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Retail Sales Tracking

Our industry-leading cannabis market data, tracking total market sales (at the category, brand, and product level), and providing detailed insight into WHAT consumers are purchasing, WHEN, WHERE, and for HOW MUCH.

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Industry Intelligence

Premier source of strategic and financial analyses, answering the WHAT’S NEXT of cannabis leveraging industry data and market research.

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Work smarter, not harder. Use data to drive your decisions.

Leverage the full power of GreenEdge to grow your business.

Which products are consumers buying?

How big is the cannabis market opportunity?

How much are cannabis consumers paying?

How competitive is the segment?

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