Removing Uncertainty in Cannabis Markets

May 3, 2022

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Watch this on-demand fireside chat with Micah Tapman, BDSA’s CEO at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference.

In this uncertain and highly competitive cannabis market, business owners might want to understand how to tap into marketing effectively to drive their sales up.

Did that campaign we ran two weeks ago actually increase sales? How do our competitors’ prices compare to ours? Are they dropping them right now? Are they dropping prices going into the 420 holidays? Are their prices rising as they deal with inflation? These are key questions that can be addressed through technology. All of these insights are now available on a weekly basis, thanks to BDSA’s Rapid Retail Sales Tracking, which collects data from thousands of retail and wholesale operators and then provides reports for informed decision-makers.

On-Demand: Removing Uncertainty in Cannabis Markets

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