BDSA’s Holiday Product Review: Best Cannabis Stocking Stuffers, Big-Ticket Gifts, and Everything In Between

December 20, 2022

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We all know someone who’s impossible to find gifts for when the holidays roll around. The person who “has everything”. The person who claims to “not want anything”. The person who knows exactly what they want but refuses to tell you because “haven’t you been paying attention to what I like anyways?”

Have no fear! Because if the person you have the hardest time shopping for is one of the ~50% of Americans who live in states with legal access to cannabis and claim to be cannabis consumers (per BDSA Consumer Insights data), then we have the answers! For this Holiday season, we’ve pulled together a shopping list that can satisfy anyone from the most discerning cannaseur to the righteous stoner who knows that a friend with weed (even cheap weed ? ) is a friend indeed.

The last thing anyone wants is to be running around looking for an elusive gift, but that’s never an issue with BDSA data at your fingertips. With BDSA’s Menu Analytics tool, we’ve curated a list of some of the best holiday gifts for any price point, with high availability across their respective markets. Without further ado, here is BDSA’s Holiday cannabis buyers’ guide, with top product choices for stocking stuffers (coming in at an equivalent ARP of ~$5/g), big-ticket gifts (available at an equivalent ARP of >$15) and “in-between” under the tree treats (~$5-$15).

Flower and Preroll

Flowers aren’t just for Springtime! With ~45% of inhalable consumers in adult-use states saying that flower is their preferred method of consumption, some kind bud makes the perfect gift for the stoners in your life.

The Stocking Stuffer

Alternative Medical Association (Nevada) – Double Solo Burger – 1 g Preroll

A fixture of the Nevada cannabis market, Alternative Medical Association offers a large array of preroll products at a highly competitive price point. With an equivalent average retail price (EQ ARP) of ~$4/g in Q3 2022, their Double Solo Burger preroll represents one of the best values in the Nevada market and is available in ~30% of Nevada dispensaries per BDSA’s Menu Analytics, making this a great pickup for the stoner in your life.

The Big Ticket Gift

Cannabiotix (California) – Super Silver Haze – 3.5g Flower Pack

The holidays are always a busy time, and the uplifting high of the world-renowned Super Silver Haze is sure to give you the boost you need to finish out this year strong. A top-performing brand in the California market, Cannabiotix is one of the leading brands in the state when it comes to availability, with BDSA Menu Analytics showing this product at ~20% of retailers in California. Coming in at an equivalent average retail price of ~$16/g in Q3 2022, roughly twice the EQ ARP for the flower category in California, Cannabiotix’ Super Silver Haze definitely qualifies as a top big-ticket item for the cannaseur in your life.

The “In Betweener”

Ozone Premium Cannabis (Massachusetts) – Butterstuff – 3.5g Flower Pack

A subsidiary brand of Illinois-based Ascend Wellness Holdings, Ozone Premium Cannabis has gained a strong foothold in the Massachusetts market. With an EQ ARP of ~$10 in Q3 2022, Ozone’s Butterstuff provides a quality flower at an approachable price point. With BDSA’s Menu Analytics showing availability at ~16% of Massachusetts dispensaries, this flower product has some of the highest availability across the state’s adult-use market.


After two years of greatly reduced travel due to the pandemic, many are expecting holiday travel to be more hectic than ever this year. With that travel often comes stress, jet lag, and disrupted sleep – that can make the holidays anything but relaxing. Thankfully, cannabis is here to save the day! BDSA Consumer data show that better sleep is the top reported benefit of edible consumption, so why not give the gift of stony, restful sleep to the stressedout stoner in your life? 

The Stocking Stuffer
1906 (Illinois) – Bliss 10mg THC 10mg CBD – Drops; 2 Count

When convenience and discrete consumption are your goals when shopping for an edible, 1906 pills fit the bill. As the leading pill brand across several BDSA markets, 1906 is known for delivering quality, and with a two-dose package of pills consistently retailing for under $5 in the Illinois market, their 1:1 Bliss pills are a great choice for any high-value buyer this holiday season. BDSA Menu Analytics show that this edible SKU is available in ~65% of Illinois dispensaries, so you won’t have any trouble finding if your travels take you anywhere to the Prairie State this holiday season.

The Big Ticket Gift

Kiva Confections (California) – Terra Bites Milk and Cookies 100mg THC 40mg CBN – Chocolate-coated cookies

A veteran California brand that has been at the top of the West Coast infused chocolate game for years, Kiva’s Milk and Cookies Terra Bites are a great choice for the cannaseur in your life who likes to enjoy an edible as they wind down for the evening. Coming in at an average retail price of over $21/pack, with BDSA Menu Analytics showing availability at ~30% of California dispensaries, these Terra Bites make a great gift for someone who appreciates quality confections and quality sleep.

The “In Betweener”

Wyld (Colorado) – Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC – Gummies

One of the leading brands in Colorado and other adult-use markets, Wyld’s Strawberry 20:1 CBD and THC gummies make a great gift for anyone who needs some relaxation and stress relief around the holidays. This Wyld edible came in at an ARP of ~$14 in Q3 2022, putting it squarely in our “in-between” price bracket that makes it a good buy for any cannabis enthusiast, and with BDSA Menu Analytics showing availability at roughly two thirds of Colorado adult-use dispensaries, you won’t have any problems finding this stocking stuffer.

Vape and Concentrates

The holiday season means different things to different people, but for a lot of us, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be incredibly stressful. With BDSA Consumer data showing that ~50% of inhalable consumers consume to relax and be mellow, a quality concentrate product can go a long way to help the cannabis consumer in your life make it through to the New Year.

The Stocking Stuffer

Platinum Vape (Michigan) – Super Lemon Haze – 1g Distillate Disposable

Finding a concentrate product retailing for less than $5 can be a bit of a challenge, so we’ve decided to stretch our rules for the lower-cost concentrate pick. Thankfully, the buyer friendly pricing in the Michigan adult-use market allows plenty of affordable options in the vape category. California-based Platinum Vape has made a big splash in the Michigan market, and their distillate vapes are a great choice for anyone who needs stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. Available in ~30% of Michigan dispensaries per BDSA Menu Analytics, this product also retails for as low as $12.50/g, making it one of the best value buys in the Midwest.

The Big Ticket Gift

Happy Cabbage Farms (Oregon) – Banana Breath – 1g Rosin

For any dabbable enthusiast, a premium rosin product is almost the definition of “baller cannabis”, and Oregon’s Happy Cabbage Farms Banana Breath Rosin fits that bill. Coming in at an average retail price of ~$60/g, this solventless dabbable is sure to appeal to even the most refined palate. This rosin’s availability may seem a little low, with BDSA’s Menu Analytics showing this product at ~10% of Oregon dispensaries, but it’s sure worth the look.

The “In Betweener”

Timeless Vapes (Arizona) – Cactus Chiller – 1g Distillate Cartridge

Branded under their “Energy” line of products, Timeless’ Cactus Chiller vape is a great choice for the stoner in your life who needs a discrete way to stay energized during the holiday season. Coming in at an average retail price of ~$37/g, Timeless’ Cactus Chiller vape cartridge is a middle-of-the-road priced choice for the vape enthusiast in your life. With availability in ~42% of Arizona dispensaries, you shouldn’t have to look far to find this great holiday treat.

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