The Global Cannabinoids Market: Will CBD Overtake THC?


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    The interest in CBD has officially exploded. But where is the CBD market headed? And, how will it affect the adult-legal and medical-only cannabis markets across the U.S. and beyond.

    If you are looking for a foundational understanding of what CBD is, including an abridged history of how Cannabidiol (the formal name of CBD) became the media and consumer darling of the Cannabinoid industry, along with projections and insights into the burgeoning market through 2024, then we recommend you download this resource and read up.

    Key white paper takeaways:

    • A brief history of how (and why) CBD has become a consumer phenomenon
    • An understanding of the emergence of CBD both in the dispensary and general retail channels
    • Insights into the importance of tracking CBD dispensary channel trends as a model of what to expect across all major consumer retail channels
    • A high-level analysis of the current market and our future forecast
    • A review of the key demographic attributes of the CBD consumer

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