Retailers partner with BDSA to ensure long-term business success.

Measure the success of day-to-day sales operations, promotions and pricing with retail sales tracking; attract new customers with insider knowledge on product needs and shopping experience desires with Consumer Insights; plan effectively for expansion with the support of market forecasts and reporting on regulatory and other impacts to the industry.

Assortment (brand & product)

With continued explosive growth in the cannabis industry, the number of brands and products in the marketplace is rising exponentially. And, as dispensary shoppers continue to evolve and new consumers enter the market, preferences also continue to change and evolve. Determining what products to stock can be both overwhelming and difficult to maintain.

Optimize your shelf space with the hottest-selling brands, products and attributes your shoppers want today, and get insight to plan for tomorrow. Gain in-depth knowledge of brand and product category demand, both in your store and across the market.


Growing competition among retailers makes competitive pricing essential for success. BDSA helps retailers feel confident in pricing decisions based on average statewide pricing comparisons, daily store reports and ARP growth over time, all available through our Retail Sales Tracking dashboards.

Marketing/Shopper Segmentation

Are you targeting the right shoppers? Are your sales and promotions performing effectively? Do you know where there’s potential to expand?

BDSA enables retailers to easily review daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales reports measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and sales promotions. Combined with our consumer segmentation, BDSA provides the tools to anticipate the needs of your target shoppers and develop campaigns reflective of the motivating characteristics driving your shoppers through the door.

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