Women Regularly Choose Cannabis to Take Control of Their Health, According to Latest BDS Analytics Consumer Insights Survey

Of more than 1,000 women surveyed, mothers with children at home most likely demographic to use cannabis for sex, self-care

Boulder, Colorado — December 19, 2017 —BDS Analytics, the leader in comprehensive, actionable, and accurate cannabis market intelligence and consumer research, announces the release of its Women’s Health Consumer Insights Survey, the latest installment in the company’s Cannabis Wellness Trends Series. The survey explores how women are taking control of their health by regularly incorporating cannabis into their self-care regimens and customizing their care needs with a variety of cannabis-derived options. BDS Analytics conducted its consumer insights survey of 1,281 women in four states where cannabis sales are legal, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

According to BDS Analytics, menstruation, menopause, and sex are listed as the top reasons for female cannabis self-care.

Four out of ten surveyed female cannabis Consumers[1] turn to marijuana as a natural alternative to manage mood swings brought on by menstruation, menopause or mental health conditions. Relief from premenstrual pain as well as cramps also registered as major drivers, with 39% of women Consumers using cannabis to cope with their symptoms.

Cannabis consumption cuts across the age divide. Older women transitioning through menopause may choose cannabis products to supplement or replace estrogen therapy, with 35% of menopausal Consumers choosing cannabis to improve their sleep and 32% choosing cannabis to relieve their symptoms.

Women not only manage their personal health concerns with cannabis, they also consume cannabis for pleasure: 27% of women Consumers say they consume cannabis to enhance their sexual experiences. Mothers with children at home are more likely than all other female Consumers to pair marijuana and sex.

Among other findings, the study revealed:

  • Of the women surveyed who reported cannabis consumption, more than half use cannabis at least once a week.
  • 37% of women Consumers agreed that “consuming marijuana gives me a sense of personal control over my health”
  • 49% of women agree that “marijuana is medicine for me,” with 54% being mothers with children under 18 years living at home
  • Roughly two-thirds of female consumers who are mothers with children at home use cannabis weekly, according to the survey.
  • 25% of women Consumers reported reduced use of prescription medications, and 33% reported reduced use of over-the-counter medications
  • Women Consumers between 21-35 years old were more likely to purchase inhalable cannabis products
  • Women Consumers ages 35 and older preferred edible and topical products
  • Across all age groups, marijuana flower was the most preferred cannabis type, with 35% of women consumers opting for rolled joints, spliffs or hand pipes
  • Women Consumers were less likely to prefer dab rigs (2%), topicals (6%), homemade foods or beverages (7%) and vaporizers (10%)

The survey, Women Are Using Cannabis To Take Control Of Their Health, is the third of BDS Analytics’ Cannabis Wellness Trends reports, monthly analyses of data from BDS Analytics’ Consumer Research Division.

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[1] Consumed cannabis or cannabis products in past six months