Americans’ Changing Views on Cannabis Mirror John Boehner’s Own “Evolution”

BDS Analytics Finds Americans’ Changing Views on Cannabis Mirror John Boehner’s Own “Evolution”

Landmark survey identifies cannabis Consumers, Acceptors and Rejecters in 2018

Boulder, Colo. — April 12, 2018 — In wake of John Boehner’s landmark reversal on acceptance of cannabis, BDS Analytics has released new research investigating how Americans ages 21+ are thinking about the plant and its medicinal benefits. The study finds 64% of Americans agree with Boehner that cannabis has medical benefits.

The study also found that 83% of Americans agree that there should be some form of marijuana legalization. Even 65% of Rejecters, who say they would not consider marijuana use for themselves, favor legalization.

These reconsiderations are based on many factors, including the increased belief in cannabis’ health and medical value, as well as a change in thought from viewing the plant as a “gateway drug” towards its new perception as a possible “exit drug” from opioid addiction. One in four Americans (26%) expect that legalization of marijuana will help to solve the opioid epidemic, according to the BDS Analytics study.

Education and dialogue surrounding cannabis as a result of legalization has been found to be the driving force leading to more widespread acceptance and less stigmatization.

Interviews with more than 11,600 adults ages 21+ years in March found that:

  • 22% are Consumers, who have used marijuana recently
  • 38% are Acceptors, who say they would consider marijuana use in the future
  • 40% are Rejecters, who say they would not consider marijuana use

“The trend that we’re seeing towards acceptance of cannabis has gone hand in hand with greater education and conversation around the plant, which has naturally lessened stigmatization,” said Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of BDS Analytics’ Consumer Insights Division. “John Boehner’s own personal evolution on cannabis is a stark reminder of how people’s minds can change on an idea over time as they learn more about it. We expect to see consumers’ medical acceptance continue to play out on a nationwide scale.”

The report, Consumer Attitudes and Actions Toward Cannabis in North America, is the most recent research published from BDS Analytics’ Consumer Research Division.

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