January 9, 2017

Data from BDS Analytics Shows Oregon’s Dispensary Sales Dropped Another 12% in November

Claire Kaufmann, Northwest Regional Director for BDS Analytics

By Claire Kaufmann and Tom Jones
January 9, 2016 |

As if the OLCC’s administrative hurdles weren’t enough, BDS Analytics reports that the industry continues to suffer under new testing and packaging regulations. Oregon’s cannabis dispensary sales declined a full 12 percent from October to November of 2016.  November’s $27 million in combined medical and adult-use sales marked an 18-percent decline from 12 percent.

November’s $27 million in combined medical and adult-use sales marked an 18-percent decline from September, the last month before the state implemented the new regulations.
Both channels suffered in that September comparison, but medical declined more than adult use, dropping 24 percent compared to adult use’s 17 percent.



Concentrates, the only category that did not decline from September to October (they gained 2 percent), took the largest dive of any major category from October to November, dropping 20 percent from $7.4 million to $5.9 million. Flower fell 11 percent and edibles contracted 4 percent. (Edibles took the biggest hit in the previous month, plummeting 24 percent from September to October.)

Oregon dispensaries grew 12 percent this November over the same month last year, when they grossed $24 million. But November 2015 was just the second month of legal adult-use sales, and the state restricted the new channel to selling only flower at that time. Since June of this year, adult-use stores have legally sold all categories of cannabis, including edibles and concentrates.


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The new testing regulations have obviously had a huge impact on Oregon cannabis businesses. Through the contribution of data and insight of our many Oregon dispensary partners, we can now provide industry leaders and policy makers alike with much-needed data at this critical time.

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