BDSA's insights help companies spend their marketing budgets in the right place and target the right audiences.

Marketing dollars are precious so spend them wisely by relying on BDSA to bring clarity with proprietary consumer segmentation covering Consumers, Acceptors and Rejectors. Want to find the next “soccer mom” group? Try diving into the data with BDSA’s team of experts and trending research going back to 2017, so you can see how demographics and attitudes have changed over time.

Advertising (consumer segmentation)

You need to show results with every advertising dollar and the best way to do that is with precise targeting. Avoid mistakes and drive revenues by using BDSA’s consumer segmentation to craft perfectly targeted messaging. Whether you need to reach medical patients or cannabis connoisseurs, BDSA’s research will show you how to leverage your budget and show results.

Sales Support Materials

Your Sales team always wants “better” marketing materials and BDSA is here to help you do just that. Arm your sales reps with the data they need to prove why each brand and product is a key part of any retailer's assortment. Use hard sales data to overcome objections and opinions. Every sales rep wants to point to a “Top 10” list and show how their products outperform the competition, and BDSA makes that a reality with our proprietary retail sales data organized through six levels of categorization.

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