Market Expansion

BDSA's market insights help companies make informed business decisions.

Should you drive forward with plans to expand into limited license states or tackle the massive California market? Is it better to follow the headlines and chase branded ingestible products or to follow the connoisseurs into the world of craft concentrates? Stop guessing and get smart with BDSA’s insights. Proprietary algorithms, powered by the highest quality sales data and driven by the latest statistical tools, cut through the fog and give your team a leg up on your competition.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The fastest way to grow revenues is through M&A, and the fastest way to lose your job is through bad M&A. Avoid mistakes and end up a winner by relying on BDSA’s unparalleled data to find the right opportunity to grow your business. Wondering if that high-flying brand is really performing as well as they say? Check with BDSA and get the straight scoop before wasting time on negotiations and endless meetings. Looking to find the fastest growing smaller brands? BDSA has you covered with our trending sales data. Want to see where consumer sentiment is going? Trust BDSA’s consumer research for reliable attitude and usage data, and pair that with market forecasts to find the next Illinois, Florida, or Pennsylvania.

Investor Relations

Use BDSA data in your investor deck and your CEO will thank you after the next roadshow. Investors rely on BDSA for industry research and forecasts, and your team needs the same data. Don’t let your C-suite be caught in the cold with a question on market growth, sales trends, or consumer sentiment. You can even rely on BDSA’s professional services team to help build your forecasts and craft a strategy to outmaneuver the competition.

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