CBD Market Monitor

The CBD market is exploding, and we have access to everything you need to know.

BDSA's CBD Market Monitor is not a one-time report. It is ongoing, dynamic, and drillable access to the most essential and complete CBD market data and insights, fully accessible via BDSA's GreenEdge® Platform.

Why is BDSA the go-to source for CBD retail data and market insights?

Our GreenEdge® Platform drills into dispensary retail sales tracking data providing a comprehensive understanding of which CBD categories, brands, and products are currently trending, while also providing a foundation to project where the market is headed.

Through rigorous consumer research we gain an in-depth understanding of the CBD consumer in the US and Canada: who is the consumer, how they think and behave, what they consume, where they buy, and much more.

Our team of analysts established a groundbreaking CBD market sizing model - the first of its kind covering the entire US Cannabinoid market through 2024 with a breakdown by channel (dispensaries, grocery/drug/mass, etc.) and by category (ingestible, health, beauty, pet, etc.).

Gain access to everything you need to know about the CBD market in one dynamic and easy-to-use platform. GreenEdge.

GreenEdge Retail Sales Tracking

A clear understanding of market-size potential needs to influence resource allocation.

Our CBD Market Monitor service provides the most in-depth and comprehensive total Cannabinoid market projection model available. Updated every 6-months.

    • Covering US markets


    • Broken down by category and channel - food, drug, mass, convenience, ecommerce, dispensaries, vet/pet, salon/spa, foodservice, and more


    • Delivered in an "open" model format to provide full access and clarity behind the numbers


    • Accessible in GreenEdge with the ability to narrow in on specific categories, channels, countries, etc.


GreenEdge Consumer Insights
Industry Sizing Models

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