CBD Market Monitor

The CBD market is exploding, and we have access to everything you need to know.

BDS Analytics’ CBD Market Monitor is not a one-time report. It is ongoing, dynamic, and drillable access to the most essential and complete CBD market data and insights, fully accessible via BDS Analytics’ GreenEdge® Platform. 


Why is BDSA the go-to source for CBD retail data and market insights?

Our GreenEdge® Platform drills into dispensary retail sales tracking data providing a comprehensive understanding of which CBD categories, brands, and products are currently trending, while also providing a foundation to project where the market is headed.

Through rigorous consumer research we gain an in-depth understanding of the CBD consumer in the US and Canada: who is the consumer, how they think and behave, what they consume, where they buy, and much more.

Our team of analysts established a groundbreaking CBD market sizing model – the first of its kind covering the entire US Cannabinoid market through 2024 with a breakdown by channel (dispensaries, grocery/drug/mass, etc.) and by category (ingestible, health, beauty, pet, etc.).

Gain access to everything you need to know about the CBD market in one dynamic and easy-to-use platform. GreenEdge.

Real data empowers smart decisions.

Complete access to BDSA’s dispensary retail sales tracking data as it pertains to CBD across all markets tracked and all categories. Data is updated monthly.

  • CBD Market Monitor data comes to life in BDSA’s GreenEdge Platform via interactive dashboards with functionality to analyze, filter, drill-down and asses the evolution of the market
  • This specialty dispensary channel is a lead indicator of what will happen in the general, hemp-derived, market
  • Untapped insight lives in the evolution of the CBD market over the past 5 years across all categories, states, brands and products
  • Set a strategy and keep an ongoing pulse on the CBD space from category level down to individual products, product attributes, mg content, dosage, forms and pricing

You need to understand who is buying what.

Be an expert on the CBD consumer today, and track the evolution and growth of these consumer segments as markets mature. Insights are updated every 6-months.

  • Know the size of the CBD consumer market in the US and Canada
  • Uncover the general/hemp-derived and regulated/dispensary CBD consumer segments
  • Understand:
    • WHO: demographics, psychographics, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
    • WHAT: consumption methods and forms
    • WHERE: types of retail outlets and why
    • INTERSECTION: insights into intersection and overlap between hemp-derived market and regulated dispensary channel
  • CBD Market Monitor Consumer Insights come to life in GreenEdge via filterable and drillable interactive dashboards

A clear understanding of market-size potential needs to influence resource allocation.

Our CBD Market Monitor service provides the most in-depth and comprehensive total Cannabinoid market projection model available. Updated every 6-months.

  • Covering US markets
  • Broken down by category and channel – food, drug, mass, convenience, ecommerce, dispensaries, vet/pet, salon/spa, foodservice, and more
  • Delivered in an “open” model format to provide full access and clarity behind the numbers
  • Accessible in GreenEdge with the ability to narrow in on specific categories, channels, countries, etc.

Gain access to everything you need to know about the CBD market in one dynamic and easy-to-use platform. GreenEdge.

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