Pre-Rolls Rising and Falling

Pre-rolled joints experienced huge growth during 2016, with sales of $158 million between Colorado, Washington and Oregon, representing growth of 149 percent compared to 2015. In Colorado, sales were up by 61 percent, in Washington by 278 percent and in Oregon by a jaw-dropping 282 percent. But so far, at […]

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The State of Strains

The dispensary marketplace is a lively bazaar, with established brands and entrepreneurs every day coming up with new products — everything from chewing gums to nasal sprays to CBD-packed concentrates and massage lotions. But the wide range of commercial innovations remain dwarfed, in terms of sales dollars and volume, by […]

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Consumers In CO and OR Go Their Own Way With Edibles

Among Colorado, Washington and Oregon, edibles ranked #3 in terms of market share of dollars sold during 2016, capturing 12 percent ($269.8 million) of the $2.33 billion cannabis market. Flower leads with 58 percent of the market, followed by concentrates at 20 percent. When it comes to edibles, consumers in […]

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Cannabis Balms are the Bomb

  Sales of topical cannabis products grew rapidly in Colorado, Washington and Oregon during 2016, rising from $14.42 million in 2015 to $26.39 million last year. That year-to-year 83 percent boost in dollar sales is impressive, although the topicals market remains a relatively small slice of the $2.33 billion cannabis […]

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2016 Oregon Cannabis Market Synopsis – Top Selling Categories, Biggest Opportunities Ahead, Consumer Preferences

By Claire Kaufmann | February 20, 2017 Last year, the legal cannabis industry in the United States grossed $5.8 billion (medical and recreational channels combined.) Oregon dispensaries sold $393 million in legal cannabis in 2016 ($292 million adult-use.) What happened in the Oregon market?     What kinds products performed […]

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From Cannabis Business Times: “Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?” Where you live should drive what you grow.

By Doug Brown | January 10, 2017 | The Cannabis Business Times Here we are, three years into what began as an experiment — sales of recreational cannabis in Colorado and Washington — and now is more like the march of history as other states begin legalizing recreational cannabis. Between […]

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Implementing the New Oregon Cannabis Rules Has Been Bad for Business

By Tom Jones | BDS Analytics – Director of Analytics | December 6, 2016 Dec. 6, 2016—When Oregon implemented more stringent testing and packaging regulations for its nascent cannabis market on October 1, many in the industry speculated that the new rules would have a negative impact on the market. […]

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From Oregon Business Magazine: Northwest Regional Director Claire Kaufmann Dishes With Panel of Experts on the Future of Cannabis in Oregon

CAN OREGON BECOME THE CANNABIS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD? By Kim Moore | October 25, 2016 | Oregon Business Magazine One year after the legalization of recreational marijuana, Oregon’s pot industry is booming with more than $400 million in projected sales in 2016. But like any new industry, pot entrepreneurs […]

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