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4/20 is Coming

4/20 BDS Analytics

The holiday always stokes robust sales. But this year’s 4/20? It’s gonna be big. We anticipate more than $100 million in sales on pot’s big day, making it the largest day of sales since dispensaries first started selling cannabis legally. The history-making sales projection revolves in part around the thousands […]

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A More Conservative View of Canadian Cannabis Market Growth

Canada Legal Spending Chart

Our research on the roll-out of adult-use legalization in Canada, published today in the Cannabis Intelligence Briefing titled Canada Leads the Way on Global Cannabis Legalization, is the first research of its kind. The report models each of the 10 Canadian provinces individually. At a countrywide-level, consumer spending is now […]

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Pharmaceutical Versus Dispensary Cannabinoids Competition

pharmaceuticals vs dispensaries | BDS Analytics

Epidiolex Approval Queues Up Pharmaceutical Versus Dispensary Cannabinoids Competition Pharmaceutical cannabinoids have been around since the 1980s in synthetic or semi-synthetic form for the treatment of nausea related to cancer, and anorexia related to both cancer and AIDS. The FDA approved GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex in 2018 marking the first time […]

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From Cannabis Business Executive: “It’s tea time for the cannabis market”

May 8, 2017 by Doug Brown | Cannabis Business Executive Cannabis with your cup of tea? Increasingly, consumers are saying, “Yes, please.” Cannabis-infused tea drinks are hot in the marketplace, and the thirst for pot tea is a fairly new phenomenon. According to data from BDS Analytics, a leading source of […]

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From AdvertisingAge: “It’s Like IRI or NPD for Weed: Marijuana Gets Classic CPG-Like Market Research”

By Kate Kaye. Published on May 10, 2017 The legal cannabis market is hotboxed with THC-infused candies, calming and energizing beverages and other products that, without the marijuana injection, would seem a lot like the stuff of mainstream packaged goods. But when companies the growing industry need fusty old data, […]

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From Forbes: “Marijuana Prices Fall In 2016 As Growers Flood The Market With Pot”

By Debra Borchardt | | January 31, 2017 The falling price of legal marijuana is shaking up the dynamics of the marketplace. “Wholesale marijuana prices declined in 2016 from $2,500 to $1,000 per pound, with some dispensaries offering recreational ounces as low as $65 on,” said Brian Shapiro, […]

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From MG Retailer: “Welcome to Vapelandia! A Report on the State of the Booming Vape Industry”

By Rob Hill | January 9, 2017 | MG Retailer The people, the products, the progress and the trends that keep the vape business burning! According to BDS Analytics, 2016 was a year of solid growth for the overall vape sector. In fact, judging by the company’s data for more […]

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From Cannabis Business Times: “Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?” Where you live should drive what you grow.

By Doug Brown | January 10, 2017 | The Cannabis Business Times Here we are, three years into what began as an experiment — sales of recreational cannabis in Colorado and Washington — and now is more like the march of history as other states begin legalizing recreational cannabis. Between […]

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From CommArts: “Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy the Aroma of the Next Big Market for Designers: Cannabis.”

Celebrated Art and Design Magazine Featuring BDS Analytics’ own Claire Kaufmann By Ellen Shapiro | January 10, 2017 | Communication Arts Magazine Cannabis? You know… grass, pot, reefer, weed. Except not in the formats favored by Cheech & Chong. It’s more like Sanofi and Starbucks. Or vintage wines and microbrews. “Marijuana […]

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From MarketWatch: “Marijuana sales rose 30% in 2016 and are expected to triple in four years”

Original article by Trey Williams | January 5, 2017 Sales of marijuana grew 30% in 2016, and as long as acceptance continues to gain steam, the industry could hit $20.2 billion in North America within four years, according to a marijuana market research firm. … Arcview’s forecast uses research from […]

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