Cannabis Market Trends and Consumer Insights: The Total Cannabinoids Market


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  • BDS Analytics Services
  • Most US adults say YES to legal cannabis
  • Cannabis Consumer, Acceptors, and Rejecters
  • cannabis category share of retail sales
  • cannabis category share by State Q3 2018
  • concentrates drove 44% of total market growth over 4 years
  • Top 5 Cannabis Brands share in concentrates CO
  • Market Share Trends of Top Five Cannabis CO edibles brands
  • Top 5 Brands share in cannabis concentrates CO
  • Medical vs. Adult Worldwide Legal Spending
  • Cannabis Global Legal Spending by Continent
  • U.S. CBD vs. THC Share of Licensed Dispensary Sales Tracked by GreenEdgeTM
  • U.S. Dispensary High CBD Product Mix, GreenEdgeTM Tracked Stores
  • U.S. CBD Spending Licensed Dispensary vs. General Retail Channels
  • Cannabis Stock Index
  • Triggering a Flood of New Money Into Cannabis
  • Sparking an M&A Explosion
  • Illinois Goes Adult Use Cannabis
  • Illinois Cannabis Market Summary
  • Illinois Legal Spending on Cannabis
  • Germany Legal Cannabis Spending
  • Germany Legal Cannabis Market Summary
  • Cannabis Patent Applied



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