Consumer Insights

Successful businesses start and end with Consumers.

BDSA’s Consumer Insights work is comprehensive, projectable, immediately actionable, customizable, and trending. Know the Cannabis Consumer (and non-consumer) of today and tomorrow across local, national, and international markets and find out which consumer segments should matter to you and why. Our objective is to understand and track consumers today and the progression of consumers as markets mature and more states move to legalization. 

At the highest level, we segment the population into three important groups, tracking who they are now and how they evolve over time: Consumers, Acceptors and Rejectors™.

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Powered by GreenEdge®, BDS Analytics' Consumer Insights Research is available in interactive dashboards, drillable to specific geographies and consumer segments.

BDS Consumer Insights Dashboards

Key Consumer Insights

Ways successful companies use Consumer Insights:

  • Identify target segments and need states
  • Know & reach the right consumers
  • Innovate with a purpose
  • Optimize brand, product & experience
  • Assess opportunities and threats

Industries Leveraging Our Services

“Utilizing BDS Analytics has enabled our creative agency to deliver a highly strategic approach to the targeting, messaging, and validating of our work. The services BDS Analytics provides give us an edge in this market by allowing us to apply hard science to our creativity at each stage of the process. This facilitates well-informed decision making to ensure we’re on the right track and able to demonstrate results.”

Adam Callow, VP, Director of Client ServicesKindred Wolf

“BDS Analytics did an impressive job with the report. We’re really happy with this acquisition, I think that is why you’re one of the leading figures in the industry, your work will be remembered as a great eye opener, a turning point for brands, the media and society.”

Valerie Lollett, Verona Office

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