What Should a Cannabis Business Create?


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    Authored by Roy Bingham, BDS Analytics’ Co-Founder & CEO, this white paper focuses on the path and process successful companies take when creating branded cannabis products.

    If you are contemplating entering the branded cannabis marketplace, this is the white paper for you, regardless of whether this is your first foray into cannabis, or if you are considering pivoting to a different market within the industry.

    Key white paper takeaways:

    • You will be presented with key risks and opportunities with all areas of branded cannabis
    • You will become familiar with the range of products on the market today
    • We will share insights into select areas of branded cannabis that are expandingv
    • You will gain an understanding of the demographic and behavioral differences between Concentrates, Edibles and Topicals consumers in today’s marketplace
    • Encounter current data pulled from our GreenEdge® Retail Sales Tracking Platform highlighting important trends in the industry
    • Analysis on where the market is headed and our core recommendations for a successful product roll-out

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