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Maximize revenues, expand market share, and gain the competitive advantage with BDSA's suite of products.

Product teams use BDSA’s suite of products to set and adjust prices to maximize revenues and margin, and gain the greatest market share possible. Proprietary data sets and algorithms give your brand managers a competitive advantage and help you outmaneuver your competitors.


Pricing decisions drive revenues, margin, and market share. Setting the right price is one of the hardest decisions you face and you need the right data and insights to set informed prices. BDSA’s Data Management Team is tirelessly diving into unique data sets compiled specifically for each market. With a few clicks your team can go from wondering about pricing to knowing how products are priced in a specific market. Get the real story with actual sales data in a clean, organized system that’s ready to help you make the best decisions possible.


Grow or die. It’s the way of the world, and in cannabis, it’s accelerated. Every great company is working tirelessly to find the next innovation. Bubble hash, live resin, microdosing… The list is endless and just look to traditional CPG for the 30th version of Doritos to know that it never stops. BDSA’s proprietary platform provides your team with the data to find gaps in the market. And, it’s not just about finding the next product enhancement, it’s about finding the next groundbreaking innovation. For that you need more than sales data, you need to understand the next generation of consumers using BDSA’s innovative Consumer/Acceptor/RejectorTM insights and consumer segmentation to dive deep into demographics, attitudes and reasons for use. Are consumers shifting from beer and wine to cannabis or are they pairing instead? Find out now with BDSA.


Arm your corporate teams with the best data to empower the best decisions. BDSA’s unique combination of market forecasts, retail sales data, and consumer research combine in a powerful set of products that drive insights and bring clarity to the chaos.

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