Why have we implemented this change?

The answer lies in the core values of our company’s foundation: the desire to constantly improve, evolve and innovate the model of excellence within our industry. These values come second only to our primary mission of helping our clients grow their business and excel within their respective markets.

We’ve been providing insights for 5 years now, first with retail sales tracking and then growing to offer additional services – including consumer insights and industry forecasts along the way. Earlier this year, as we approached our anniversary, we felt it was time to evolve our own image in line with the growth and changes experienced by the whole of the cannabis industry.
Our founding mission was to be the best source of market research and insights for decision makers in the global cannabinoid industry. While this stands true today, the mission has evolved to a vision for how we help our clients:

Achieve more informed, accurate and quicker decisions to increase profits, reduce costs and bring products to market faster

Our values remain the same:

  • Accurate: instilling confidence in the data used to make strategic and tactical decisions.
  • Actionable: providing easy-to-use dashboards to enable quick answers for confident, decisive action.
  • Insightful: combining our GreenEdge data and our team’s expertise to ensure our clients have the market knowledge to help them win.


While our look may have changed, our dedication to our clients and the cannabis industry as a whole has not.

BDSA was built on the desire to help this industry grow and to propel its people to their full potential. We are proud of our roots as the first data and market intelligence provider in the industry and we will continue to lead with the pioneering drive and passion that has paved the way for many others to learn and follow.

Over the next several months, you will continue to see even more from BDSA, including new products and new improvements across all our services and products. Of course, we aim to improve with our clients in mind and always welcome your thoughts and feedback.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or comments.

P.S., You may have noticed our URL has changed to bdsa.com. If you’ve bookmarked pages on bdsanalytics.com, you’ll be forwarded to a page on bdsa.com. It may look different, but rest assured, you’re in the right place.