Cannabis industry’s most reliable source of data conducts close and exhaustive examination of Washington cannabis sales



Douglas Brown, Contact High Communications,  303-241-0141

Boulder, Colorado — January 21, 2016 — Flower is booming, concentrate sales are growing at an even more rapid pace and Blue Dream is the No. 1 flower strain in Washington State. This represents a small look at the sweeping range of insights released today by BDS Analytics, the cannabis industry’s most reliable source of data analytics.

Among other things, today’s in-depth analysis of the Washington State cannabis market between Q3 2014 and Q4 2015 finds:

  • Sales in Q4 2015 were up a whopping 430 percent compared to the same quarter in 2014
  • Ten of Washington’s 31 counties account for 81 percent of cannabis sales
  • Concentrate sales vaulted from less than $2 million in Q3 2014 to $15 million in Q3 2015
  • Among all edible categories, candy is the most popular, capturing 30 percent of sales

“We have now normalized and categorized millions of transactions in Washington State in our GreenEdge™ database and that forms the basis of this report. We are very impressed by the rapid pace of sales growth and fascinated with a wide range of valuable data points,” said Roy Bingham, BDS Analytics founder and CEO. “The flower strain Cherry OG, for example, barely registered in popularity until July of 2015, when it began a steady climb to second place, just behind Blue Dream, which has held a commanding lead for much of the past 18 months. For analytics nerds like us, cannabis data is absolutely engrossing, especially because it provide actionable insights for our clients.”

BDS Analytics will follow this report, the first in-depth and comprehensive analysis of Washington State cannabis data, with more studies analyzing cannabis trends in Colorado, Washington State and Oregon in coming months.

For more fascinating glimpses into consumer behavior surrounding cannabis in Washington State, please refer to the attached presentation for a detailed and extensive analysis.


About BDS Analytics: Relying upon powerful technologies, partnerships with cannabis companies and a team of data veterans, BDS Analytics provides the cannabis industry with the most precise, reliable and sweeping data analysis in the marketplace. For most companies competing in the blossoming world of commercial cannabis, BDS Analytics’ GreenEdge™ service offers vital business information — essential intelligence for marketplace success.